3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

3D scanning is the perfect method for making a detailed and millimeter-precise copy of parts, buildings and areas, and gives you access to unique measurement results in 3D.

APAXA offers the latest in advanced 3D scanner technology and Reverse Engineering services with a wide range of 3D scanning services to several industries, including industry, energy and offshore, construction, workshop, cultural history, museum, consumer goods, automotive and much more.

3D Scanning -  Ground based laser scanning of structures, buildings and interiors, and the ultimate metrology-grade 3D scanning of smaller objects and parts.

Reverse Engineering and Inspection services - Where older components are no longer manufactured and no CAD data of the object is available. Measurements of an object’s full surface geometry are taken using various 3D measurement technologies, to create a 3D digital representation of the object. 

Lidar Scanning

Accurate measurements available at all times


Object Scanning

APAXA uses the latest in metrology-grade high-resolution 3D scanning.

Reverse Engineering

Scanning of existing objects to create editable CAD data to be exported in a CAD format of choice.


Powerful 3D metrology solutions for measurements, inspection and reports.

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