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Project Management (TEST)

APAXA provide project management services to different types of clients. We can provide services across a range of scales which may include project planning, project execution, production and production follow-up and engineering support.  

We are focused on making sure that our customers receive the highest level of quality in all the services we provide, exceeding our customer's expectations and fulfilling all requirements in full accordance with our promises.

Mechanical / Hydraulic Engineering

We believe in supplying engineering services that ensures a durable, targeted and cost-effective product. We use our long experience in product engineering as well as manufacturing to create solutions and parts that are on point for our customers.

Our goal is to help our end-user to excel in their project or with their products . We can propose improvements on the product/solutions and parts if required. Our experience tells us that there might be savings on the overall product through improvements in all phases.

E & I / Automation

APAXA carries out production, production planning and follow-up in order to avoid last minute surprises and delays for our customers.

Some of our customers require a close follow-up of their production activities. This is especially important for companies working “just in time” and whenever there is need to receive the goods at a particular date or period of the year in order to avoid penalties or missing sales opportunities.

APAXA carries out Production - Planning and Control to ensure that products are dispatched as per the customer’s specifications and schedule. We make sure to cross-check, at defined intervals, that the production plan provided by the customer is followed to avoid delays.

Site Engineering

Installation and commissioning is the priority from day one of any project and forms an embedded part of the engineering and management services offered by APAXA.

Solid engineering work ensures that every phase of the project, from concept to complete delivery, runs smoothly, on time and within  budget.