World-class production

Offshore & Subsea

APAXA is a global manufacturer and supplier of highly efficient integrated solutions for the oil & gas industry. Our manufactured products and services are used in marine, drilling, production vessels and in subsea applications.

APAXA can also provide service personnel to oversee and perform installation, commissioning and maintenance.  All our employees have solid experience from the onshore and offshore industries.


We produce advanced user-friendly, innovative and reliable solutions that work. Our approach to product design maximises performance by providing a complete and integrated solution, customised specifically to our customer's needs. Our products and services cover on- and offshore, coastal- and merchant marine, subsea, navy, and aquaculture sectors.

As a large maritime provider we can offer a complete portfolio of services to our customers, covering all stages from conception, planning and building to operation and renewal.


APAXA has developed a wealth of knowledge within marine and offshore operations, user requirements and the many challenges that the industry faces. We have evolved to meet these challenges by providing our clients with close follow-up of their supply and production activities.

We can provide services across a range of scales which may include project planning, project execution, production and production follow up and engineering support. We are focused on making sure that our customers receive the highest level of quality in all the services we provide, exceeding our customer's expectations and fulfilling all requirements in full accordance with our promises.

Spare Parts

APAXA produce high quality spare parts for our customers across the globe - wherever equipment/solutions are used. We produce both high and low volumes according to your needs. We can also provide 3D scanning of parts if needed. Feel free to contact us for an offer.