Reverse Engineering

Metrology-grade measurements and 3D surface inspections

The fastest path from 3D scan Data to CAD files

The path from physical object to editable parametric CAD model can be challenging if not impossible for many. APAXA has invested heavily in the technology needed to make the transformations efficient and reliable.

We have streamlined workflows to analyse and process 3D scan data to reverse engineer objects and parts fast, accurate and reliable. We convert 3D scan data into high-quality, feature-based CAD models with modeling history for you to use in your daily design workflow in SolidWorks®, Siemens NX™, and CREO®. Industry-standard formats like Parasolid®, STP, and IGS is also available for most other 3D applications

What we do

Our processes involves handling of massive mesh and point cloud data, processing and refining and creating solids or surfaces in CAD. We compare and validate surfaces, solids and sketches against original scan data. We export final CAD data to the industry’s leading CAD systems – your favourite CAD system included!

We help you recreate complex geometry that cannot be measured any other way. You will be able to create products that cannot be designed without reverse engineering, create customized parts that require a perfect fit and components that integrate perfectly with existing products.


  • File export of processed scan data to native Solidworks, Inventor and other CAD formats (incl. history tree)
  • Create measurement reports on critical features
  • Quality control
  • Comparative measurement to see wear over time
  • Difference in actually produced part compared to the CAD model

How we can help

  • 3D analysis and quality control solutions to gain control over product development and production processes
  • Extract meaningful information from 3D scan data, inspect and structure presentation
  • Inspection reports